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Preparing a fruit smoothie with Super Bio Boost Hoffi Powder


Diet plays a key role in the prevention and management of a number of health-related conditions and illnesses. A variety of foods assist in sustaining the health of the human body. But these foods also aid in creating a range of flavours and textures, thereby adding the element of enjoyment to our food. 

As these foods create delectable, complex meals, we also know the human body is designed to eat holistic foods, not isolated nutrients.

The Hoffi Powder

Formulated to provide a food matrix which makes the mixture easy for the body to absorb micronutrients; our Hoffi Powder contains a combination of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, as well as grains, to give you a perfect mix to boost your daily diet. Long-term consumption of small quantities of this product will play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of some diseases.

Our proprietary blended powder is made with African plant leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, grains, and vegetables (microgreens). The powder is a superfood that:

  • Is 100% Organic & 100% Vegan

  • Contains all natural ingredients

  • Has no refined sugars

  • Has a delicious taste

  • Uses some of the worlds most nutrient rich ingredients

  • Is a versatile product that can be added to cereals, soups, smoothies, and baking 

  • And can be included as an essential part of a vegan or vegetarian diet

Preparing a soup with Super Bio Boost Hoffi Powder
Suitable for all

Drawn from age-old African, plant-based remedies and wellness supplements, our recipe was specially developed to provide a boost of nutrients to your immune system and is suitable for anyone. 

  • Banana powder

  • Quinoa powder 

  • Baobab powder

  • Wheatgrass powder

  • Date powder

  • Mango powder 

  • Hibiscus powder 

  • Moringa powder 

  • Coconut milk powder

Suggested uses
  • Mix with hot or cold milk for creamy drink 

  • Add to your smoothies 

  • Use as an added ingredients for cooking and baking 

  • Mix with yogurt to get an enhanced, delicious taste

Herbal tea ingredients and cup
Coming soon

The Hoffi tea contains Tetradenia Riparia combined with other herbal microgreens and herbs. This is more than just an herbal tea, as it contains a variety of nutrients that have numerous health benefits. It is a product that harnesses the full potential of this traditional African plant, which can be perfectly incorporated in your daily life.


  • Tetradenia Riparia 


Suggested Uses: 

  •  5g tea bag in a cup of hot water

  • Add lemon, honey depending on your preference

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