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A tub of Super Bio Boost Hoffi Powder
Super: very good, pleasant, excellent, above the others 
Bio: Connected with life and living things, related to life and all things living - no artificial additives 
Boost: Help or encourage to increase or improve, enhanced 

About Super Bio Boost

We are a UK-based company specialising in holistic health products made from naturally grown plants and herbs. Our aim is to increase the awareness and use of preventative medicines cultivated in ancient communities by providing simply curated products that help you lower your risk for disease, treat common ailments, and reverse the effects of chemically-based diets.  


We are committed to making one-of-a-kind products from 100% organic plants grown in Africa that have been proven effective in boosting the immune system. And to date, our products are the only ones on the market that combine the traditional knowledge and use of the tropical plants from Africa with the scientific knowledge, innovation and technology of Wales.

Our vision

We envision a community where you are the leader of your health through preventative medicine and natural remedies used to treat common ailments. 

Preparing a fruit smoothie with Super Bio Boost Hoffi Powder

We are committed to cultivating products that empower you to live a healthy life.


Our products are ethically sourced, globally cultivated and locally created.


We take pride in selecting every ingredient and ensuring our products are created from plant-based resources.


No unrecognisable words. Our products only include ingredients you recognise and can easily identify.


We believe in protecting our planet by creating products that do no cause further damage to the environment.

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