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The skin has an immune system that protects the body from infection, cancer, toxins, and attempt to prevent autoimmunity, in addition to being a physical barrier against the external environment.


Tetradenia riparia (T. Riparia) has been used by traditional healers for treatment against various ailments, including wound healing and skin sores. The scientific validation of the use of T. Riparia against selected strains of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, as well as selected fungal strains, has further validated its use by traditional healers. Additionally, the relatively high inhibitory concentration for both bacterial and fungal strains further indicated the high value of this plant in the skincare world.

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  • A number of studies have shown that the T. Riparia extracts exhibited good anti-inflammatory activities. Coupled with the excellent antioxidant activities displayed by this plant, the high-quality, anti-inflammatory activities create an excellent combination that assists in various processes of skin care treatments. 


  • Super Bio Boost skin care and cosmetic products are inspired by the knowledge of traditional healers who have used natural resources for treating various skin disorders and the results of many scientific studies that further substantiated these findings. 


  • Choosing Super Bio Boost skin care products can help to significantly improve and maintain a good condition of your skin.

More Super Bio Boost Skincare products are coming soon!
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