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Habits Questionnaire

We have combined the knowledge of traditional medicine with modern medicine to produce a comprehensive questionnaire on people’s habits that are known to be healthy and unhealthy to determine the likeliness of developing or preventing chronic diseases.


Take a few moments to answer our short questionnaire. Based on your responses, we will provide some general recommendations to help you take the next step on your health and wellness journey.

Score 851-990

You’re doing great - keep up with good work. If you want to add to your holistic health care routine, we offer several products we think you would enjoy! 

Other weekly recommendations: try new foods, challenge yourself with new experiences,

Score 561-850

You are doing a good job with maintaining your health, but we recommend a few products to help enhance your health journey. In addition to our Super Bio Boost nutritional supplement, we recommend trying one of our oral health and skin care products. 


Other weekly recommendations: Go offline, drink more water, try to sleep more hours, reduce time in front of the screen, reduce fast food intake, eat more veg and fruits, don’t neglect oral health

Score 350-560

Our health is our greatest wealth - get started on your journey to transforming your life today! We recommend starting with the Super Bio Boost Hoffi Powder. To make your package complete, we also suggest adding the herbal toothpaste, facial cream and body moisturiser for a complete health care package. 


Other weekly recommendations: Intermittent fasting, practice mindfulness, Practice Yoga, drink probiotics, walk or run for 30 minutes a day, reduce alcohol intake, reduce meat intake, stop smoking

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