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Our Story

In 2015, Franck Banza, travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to visit his father. During this visit, Franck discovered that his father was extremely ill. Unable to see results from traditional doctors, Franck and his father sought the guidance of a traditional healer. The healer introduced them to a surplus of locally cultivated, natural remedies. After watching his father respond favourably to these treatment options, Franck committed to learning more about traditional medicine and sharing what he learned with others. Combined with his commitment to personal wellbeing and holistic health, this event was the beginning of Super Bio Boost! Since that time, Franck has remained committed to using his knowledge of traditional East and South African remedies that help boost the immune system while aiding in the prevention of ailments. To date, our products are the only ones on the market that combine the traditional knowledge and use of tropical plants grown in Africa with the scientific knowledge, innovation, and technology of Wales, UK.

Franck Banza holding a tub of Super Bio Boost Hoffi Powder
A message from Franck

My commitment to working with a team of experts in creating holistic health products is based on what I have witnessed in the lives of family and friends, in addition to my personal experiences. Along with the extensive study of the product ingredients, as well as my family and me experimenting with them, my passion for holistic healthcare has continued to strengthen. 

I was diagnosed with liver problems a few years ago. However, after changing my eating habits and introducing the ingredients featured in our products into my diet, the complications decreased, and my overall health has improved. Therefore, one of my primary goals remains helping more people in the same or similar situations address these kinds of health issues holistically.

Since the time of my diagnosis, I have continued to learn a great deal about why people in rural areas have less cardiovascular disease diagnoses when compared to people living in urban areas, and how they manage to stay healthy, fit and happy. I know that it is a privilege to be able to share this knowledge and expertise with you. I firmly believe the products we sell can help you improve your life and overall well being. And it is my dream to be able to help communities from diverse backgrounds to improve their wellbeing, thereby leading much happier and healthier lives.”

Vegetable and fruit preparation with a tub of Super Bio Boost Hoffi Powder
Franck and Daughter.png
The story of 'Hoffi'

Being a 'Dadpreneur' is Franck’s passion. He loves to run businesses and being a dad at the same time! He dreams BIG, works hard for his children, and most importantly he gets them involved in the business. 


Hoffi is a Welsh word meaning “like, love, admire, delight”. The name was suggested by Franck’s daughter after he asked his family to help him come up with something that reflects his proud identities and cultures of being both Welsh and African.

Social Responsibility

Franck Banza has a passion to be a Social Entrepreneur, and has committed to give 50% of the profit to his Charitable cause “The CAE”, which aims to fill the gap in provision for ethnic minority people living in the UK with the vision to solve the global problems of inequality through empowering historically disadvantaged communities to gain entrepreneurial skills and build their self-confidence. Franck strongly believes that equipping communities with necessary knowledge and skills to help them kickstart and progress in their professional journeys offers a long-term route out of poverty.


At its core, Super Bio Boost social responsibility efforts focuses on two areas:

  • its social and environmental impact both in Wales and in Africa: Our products are ethically sourced, globally cultivated and locally created. We create jobs and wealth in poor communities and we are empowering them to become economically active. We work directly with local communities in Uganda and DR Congo to empower these small holders and families farmers to access a transparent route to market that offers higher prices for their goods. We believe in protecting our planet by creating products that do no cause further damage to the environment.

  • helping people live a healthier and happier lifestyle: We are committed to cultivating products that empower people to live a healthy life. We take pride in selecting every ingredient and ensuring our products are created from plant-based resources.

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