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Hoffi Powder
  • Hoffi Powder

    Formulated to provide a food matrix which makes the mixture easy for the body to absorb micronutrients; our Hoffi Powder contains a combination of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, as well as grains, to give you a perfect mix to boost your daily diet. Long-term consumption of small quantities of this product will play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of some diseases.

    Our proprietary blended powder is made with African plant leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, grains, and vegetables (microgreens).


    The powder is a superfood that:

    • Is 100% Organic & 100% Vegan

    • Contains all natural ingredients

    • Has no refined sugars

    • Has a delicious taste

    • Uses some of the worlds most nutrient rich ingredients

    • Is a versatile product that can be added to cereals, soups, smoothies, and baking 

    • And can be included as an essential part of a vegan or vegetarian diet


    Drawn from age-old African, plant-based remedies and wellness supplements, our recipe was specially developed to provide a boost of nutrients to your immune system and is suitable for anyone. 


    Contains 30 servings.

    • Ingredients

      • Banana powder

      • Quinoa powder 

      • Baobab powder

      • Wheatgrass powder

      • Date powder

      • Mango powder 

      • Hibiscus powder 

      • Moringa powder 

      • Coconut milk powder

    • Positive Impact

      Your positive impact when you buy a Super Bio Boost product:

      As an ethical business, we make your money count by directly or indirectly tackling the injustice of poverty.

      On average for every £1 you spend, 50p goes on sourcing ingredients from local shareholders farmers and families in Africa and manufacturing the product in the UK, 25p is for research and development work, including supporting traditional healers and herbalists in Africa, 20p is spent on support and running costs, and 5p is invested to generate future income and in our charity The CAE.

      We understand that when you make a purchase, you want to know the positive impacts of your action and we pledge to be clear and transparent when it comes to spending your contributions.

      This is our promise when you support Super Bio Boost!

      Thank you for your support!

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