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Weight loss illusions and the reality: Things you should know!

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

When we think about weight loss, food and diet, what automatically comes to mind is RESTRICTING ourselves from eating certain food that are seen to be bad, full of fats and sugars, or following a strict diet with certain recipes with a certain amount of calories etc... Does this really work? A lot of people have been trying this for years without success and scientists have started to wonder whether weight loss is more about food restrictions OR more about the choices of food that we choose to eat? In this series of articles, Super Bio Boost is discussing what exactly influences weight loss.

One of the biggest mistakes that we tend to do when trying to loose weight is not understanding how our body and digestive system work and how it processes different types of food. In order to be successful in losing weight, there is a preliminary step which consists of making an effort to understand the basic functioning of our metabolism and our digestive system before trying to use different of methods of weight loss.

It is very important to understand that obesity is the consequence of bad eating habits that favour excessively refined products and foods lacking certain important nutrients. According to Dr. Hervé Robert, the conventional diet low in calories, is erroneous and ineffective, and dangerous. So by having a diet with the only aim to reduce the amount of calories that you are consuming will not do you any goods but instead will even have negative effects on your health.

It is essential to understand that what matters in food is its nutritional content in terms of fibre, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements and essential fatty acids. However, it is precisely these essential nutrients for staying healthy that have disappeared from the modern diet with bad choices of food, and consequently leading us to gaining weight and becoming overweight.

Therefore the idea that a list of certain recipes or specific dishes will allow you to lose weight is illusory as Montignac said. The best way to loose weight and stay healthy is to make food choices that correspond to the objectives of healthy living, vitality, and taking into account the environment we live in.

If you are looking to loose weight, you first need to understand at least the basics of nutrition and your digestive system. It is absolutely unnecessary to have at your disposal particular recipes, and it is also unnecessary to deprive yourself of anything for life. What is important is to forever adopt new eating habits. You must be able to make the appropriate choices with what you eat, include all essential and important nutrients, arrange the dishes accordingly, and be consistent with your choices, otherwise you will regain the weight that you lose. You have to be consistent with your choices. You certainly know that the same cause always produces the same effect, and the same effect never arises but from the same cause. So as soon as you return to your bad eating habits, you will regain weight.

There are simple and easy ways to introduce good eating habits into your daily diet. Let’s take an example with eggs. Do you like eggs? Do you eat them in the morning? if the answer is yes, you can definitely make your eggs more interesting, tastier, and rich in nutrients that will help you move steps closer to a healthier lifestyle which will result in weight loss with time. If you are looking for some inspirations, why not trying our Hoffi Powder French omelette ?? Check out our video below!! Just as in herbal medicine practices, by adding powerful ingredients into your omelette, you are making a healthier choice that boost your body with fibre, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements and essential fatty acids and consequently boost you immune system and this will help you have a healthier life. What are you waiting for?? Start making the right choices for your body, your health and you will achieve your prima weight loss!!

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